Weekly Recap| Nov 9-15, 2014

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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The winner of asti’s giveaway

Asti’s Monster Mash giveaway in celebration of Horror October Fortnight 2014 has finally come to an end. The winner, randomly selected by Rafflecopter, was Deanna from Deanna Writes! The prize was one book worth up to £10 from The Book Depository and she chose The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. We haven’t read it here at Oh, the Books, but we hope she enjoys it! (Asti actually does own a personalized copy of it though. She should really stop being a slacker and get around to reading it.)

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Our Lives This Week

In Asti’s Life…

It’s time for the game of good news and bad news in Asti’s life. Let’s start with the good news.


  • I’m graduating with distinction! As my degree was a postgraduate one and all my markings were 70% or above, I should graduate with distinction. Of course, as an American living in London I’m not 100% sure what that actually means, but I take it as a good thing. I worked really hard this past year to do well so I’m glad I have something to show for it.
  • I have a publishing job! Somehow one of my work placements has developed into a full-time position and I’m actually getting paid for the work I do. It’s nothing overly glamorous or anything like that, and it’s just temporary to help them out until the end of the year, but still. I actually work at a publishing company in London. Go me!


  • The battle for a work visa continues. I do currently have a job here, yes, but it’s just temporary. The company policy regarding work visas has been looked into and it is possible, but they are only willing to do it for a permanent position. As this role isn’t permanent, and there’s no other permanent roles currently available, that means I’m still stuck in the same situation as I was before. I can stay and work here until the end of January on my student visa, but after that I have to leave.
  • Free time? What is free time? One consequence of this sudden employment is that my free time is gone. I have been doing so many placements lately that I had made the decision that once I finished this last one this last week I would be done and just devote all my time to catching up with blog stuff and job hunting. Well, that’s no longer the case. I leave from work at 8am every morning and don’t get home until 7pm. That pretty much leaves me four hours or so a day to do anything other than work/sleep, and that’s just not enough. I still plan on sticking around and hope to figure something out in regards to all this, but as of right now expect to see less of me.

And that’s it. That is this week’s edition of good news and bad news. Thanks for playing.

In Kelley’s Life…

My week has been rather… eventful?

  • Monday was AWESOME. I got to see Shannon Messenger!
  • Tuesday I had the most ridiculous situation happen where something got stuck in my tooth and I actually had to go to the dentist’s office so they could get it out (I’m just grateful it wasn’t anything more serious). Then I had a lovely dinner with my husband to celebrate our anniversary!
  • Wednesday I participated in a video shoot and there was like a pro makeup artist involved and everything. They’re making a video to help educate healthcare providers about the symptoms of narcolepsy & cataplexy, so hopefully people can get more accurate (and much more timely) diagnoses. I LOVE this project and I was glad to be a part of it!
  • Thursday was exciting but a little scary. My husband got a job offer for a great company, but if he takes it, it could mean some HUGE changes to our lives… We’re still trying to process it all.
  • The weekend was filled with friends and wine and fun, which I kind of needed after the roller coaster week!

(And for those wondering about the Cat Saga, the baby kitties are migrating closer to our house… I don’t know what they’re all doing in this surprisingly wintry weather we’re having, but they seem to be okay!)

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So, how was your week?

Asti Kelley

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  1. CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS ON THE DISTINCTION. But you’re such a smart cookie so it was bound to happen ;) AND THE JOB!!! YAY! Despite the temporary nature of it, I’m sure you’re going to wow them into securing you a visa (fingers crossed!) I feel you on the free time situation. Now that I work and all, it’s becoming increasingly hard to find free time. So I do this terrible thing were I sacrifice sleep. It’s terrible. I feel nocturnal or something. I’m there when people wake up, I’m still there when people to go sleep. What even. And then I find all these ridiculous tasks to do at 3am and suddenly I can’t go to sleep because I’ve made a commitment to myself to finish what I’ve started (which, mind you, was just planning out my week into my diary. Gah.) Hopefully life balances out a bit more. Soon!

    Kelley, your week sounds like it was FANTASTIC! All these author events that you’ve been going to in the past two weeks just sound amazing. I hope they were a lot of fun! I love this project that you’re participating in. It must be fantastic to be able to join in and raise awareness for something so close to you, right? I hope the shoot was a lot of fun! AND CONGRATS ON THE ANNIVERSARY! x

    Have a good upcoming week, you two <3 Try to sneak a bit of extra sleep in :) x

    • Thanks Jess! I don’t think I’ll be able to wow them into a visa, not because I can’t wow them and they think I’m amazing and all that, but publishing is not a wealthy industry – they can’t just create a role for me. That and they currently don’t even have a desk for me so I’m pretty much shoved in a room away from everyone where no one even can see my amazingness anyways! >.< I don't know HOW you sacrifice sleep! That's just crazy! That is the one thing I REFUSE to do in my life. I've been one of those people who have never had problem sleeping and are only happy if I sleep 8-9 hours a day. Of course, between the 11 hrs I'm gone at work and the 9 hours I like to sleep, I only have a very small window each day to actually do other stuff. But still, I cannot lose my sleep. O.o

  2. I am so happy for you Asti! That’s so awesome you are graduating with distinction and for finding a job! Let’s hope they want to keep you longer. Getting a work visa sounds so annoying, let’s hope you can find a permanent position. And that sad that you hardly have any free time left now :(
    I have a question, isn’t it possible to actually move to the UK? I don’t really understand how it all works with Visa’s and such and if you actually want to live there, but if you did then you wouldn’t need a visa right?

    @Kelley, ouch how did you manage to get something stuck in your teeth? That video shoot sounds awesome and that’s great that you got to be part of that! I don’t like change although your boyfriends job offer sounds like a good thing as well. And I am glad to hear the cats seem to be doing okay! I always enjoy reading about the Cat Saga ;)

    Thanks for linking to one of my posts! I really appreciate it!

    • Getting a work visa definitely is annoying! It is what it is though. I’m currently at a point of just accepting defeat, but I’m sure when it’s closer to my time to go I’ll get all emotional again >.< To explain the visa situation, you cannot just move to the UK. I think the only people who can do that are those that live in a country that is part of the EU. As a American, my only options are either a student visa, work visa, or entrepreneur visa. I'm currently here on a student visa as I did my Master Degree here. That expires in January. I could technically come back to study again if I wanted, but a) I have no plans to go back to school and b) I definitely do not have the money. The entrepreneur visa is a no-go for me, because I have no plans or desires to start my own business. That's too big of a commitment for me and totally out of my comfort zone, so do not plan on attempting it just to stay. The work visa is what I would really like, but in order to get it I would have to convince a company to hire me on a annual salary of £20,3000 and sponsor me. Only a certain percentage of companies even have the license to be able to do such sponsorships, limiting my ability to apply for jobs to a smaller number in the first place. And those that do have the ability are often hesitant to give them out because it requires extra work on their end and they only have a small number they can distribute. (I think for the entire UK it's like 1500 a month, which sounds like a lot but when you think of how many people there are it really isn't.) Most work visas are given out for higher jobs where there are shortages or there's not ample amount of people who fit the job description. Publishing? That's not a problem. There's 8 million people applying for the same entry-level positions as me, so even if everything matches up between me and the job they won't consider me because they don't want to waste their few sponsorship slots on a position they can get anyone to fill. On top of that, many entry-level publishing positions earn a smaller salary than the requirement for this type of visa, so it's really just a lose-lose situation. The only other type of visa is a spouse visa, but even that I can't do. Dave and I could get married but we wouldn't be able to get this visa and they would still kick me out of the country because Dave does not make the minimum salary required to keep me here. So yes. I'm pretty much SOL. At this point of getting rejections without even interviews for positions I know I'm perfect for, I've pretty much given up. If Dave wants me to be able to come back, he'll just have to find a job that pays the minimum salary. It is what it is. :(

      • Thanks for explaining! I never realized how difficult it is to get a visa for another country. It’s sad that they make it so difficult for people to get a visa for the UK. Let’s hope for the best, maybe some company will still offer you a position before you have to leave.
        I always have planned to move to germany eventually, I’ll have to make sure to check out how difficult that is once, hopefully it’s easier as I already live in the EU.

  3. Asti, congratulations on the temp job! Here’s hoping maybe something more permanent comes along before you have to leave. And yay for graduating with distinction!

    Kelley, happy anniversary! And the video sounds neat, and job change/life change sounds like it could be exciting!

  4. Asti, SO SO SO happy for you with graduating with distinctions, getting the temp job, and I’m crossing my fingers and toes that everything will continue to work out for you!

    I feel you on the free time part, ack. Hopefully things will slow down soon now that winter break’s soon!

    Kelley, congrats the video! :) It sounds like it was a fun experience! Also, congrats on your husband’s job offer and I hope that everything will work out for the best!

  5. Keep the job hunt dream alive Asti! In reply to last week’s comment, I plan to keep applying for jobs even tho I’m not there. A lot of companies offer skype interviews so just keep doing it somehow!

    • But from everything I’ve read, once your student visa expires in order for a company to hire you for a work visa they have to complete a Resident Labour Market Test proving that the job they’re trying to hire you for cannot be done by anyone currently residing in the UK, that they’ve advertised the position for months or whatnot and no one fit their qualifications so they therefore had to look outside of the UK. If you’re still on a student visa that requirement is waived, but once that’s done the test is required. And as all the positions I’m currently qualified for are entry-level that anyone can do, that means I cannot keep applying after my student visa expires because companies would be required to complete that test and would not pass.

  6. ASTI – CONGRATULATIONS on both the distinction for your degree and landing the publishing job! I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will like you so much they’ll make a position for you! Then everything else would work out and fall into place.

    KELLEY – A video shoot? How cool! I’m glad that it was something meaningful for you. I think I would be scared away from dentists if I had to go get something removed from my teeth…which reminds me, I need to make a dentist appointment…erg. I am excited for you and your husband. Sometimes change is good and what we need, but I hope whatever you decide it was what you both want. :)

  7. Asti – Congrats on the distinction! It definitely sounds like something very good. And good luck with your visa worries, I hope the the higher ups at your current publishing job decide that they just can’t part ways with you!!

    Kelley – Wow that definitely sounds like a week full of excitement, glad you got to wind down on the weekend. :)

    Thanks for the shout out! Looks like there are a lot of interesting posts I need to check out from last week.

  8. Congrats Asti! And even if it is temporary, show them how irreplaceable you are! I took a paid summer internship after I graduated college and now have been with the company for almost 5 years. Crazy things can happen if you leave a great impression, which it sounds like you already have done. :)

    • Haha, even if you leave a great impression, things don’t always work out! I’m going to do what I can, but I honestly think that even if they want to keep me they won’t be able to due to the difficulty of the situation. They’ve already tried to make at least one thing happen and were shut down. Oh well!

  9. Hello! I don’t really know you guys, but you look amazing! :) I like the looks of your blog and the things you do on it! So, I see you’ve linked up to my blog, and I appreciate it! Haha, I was surprised when I saw my name actually. Awesome! I saw some other people I know, and I’m curious on how you stumble upon us! :D Great post, very unique and interesting!

    • Sorry for the late reply Erica, but thanks for stopping by! I can’t recall how I stumbled across your blog. If I had to guess, someone else must have linked to your blog on one of their recaps or something and it led me to yours. Either way, happy to include your discussion post in our recap! :)

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