Weekly Recap| Oct 12-18, 2014

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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We’ve also had some minor issues with the mobile version of our site. For some reason, some links seem to be redirecting to… non-bookish (and inappropriate) sites. Rest assured we are working on this! Hopefully it hasn’t interfered with anyone’s ability to visit our site. (If you’re using a laptop/desktop computer to access our site, there shouldn’t be any problems – as far as we know.)

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Our Lives This Week

[stextbox id=”asti2″ caption=”Asti” collapsing=”true”]Hiya beautiful bookish people! It’s been pretty mellow this week. I’ve been working on job-hunting in between doing lots of blogging stuff. (Isn’t it crazy how you can spend hours working on blogging stuff and yet seem to get nothing done? I’m catching up on comments and commenting back but it’s taking me forever. Fail!)

Honestly, I think my favorite thing this week has been my time with Dave. He texted me earlier in the week when he finished listening to Words of Radiance and he was just so excited. He right away started complaining about the wait between books and how he just wanted to get the next one RIGHT NOW. (Aw, a true bookworm). And then when he came home I looked over at him while he was on his laptop and he was on Goodreads writing his review! (I couldn’t help but share it on Twitter, the proud bookish girlfriend I am.) In case you’re curious, he’s moved on to reading Sanderson’s Mistborn now.

 Dave Words of Radiance Dave Words of Radiance

Apart from loving him for that bookish fun (because really, how can one not fall more in love with a boy when he’s getting oh so excited about books), we also decided that we would go on a “date” Saturday. Nothing special, just eating out at our favorite diner (which happens to be an American one, haha), and going to see a movie (Dracula Untold – which way surpassed my expectations). But still, as we’re getting closer to the end of my student visa and the possibility that I might have to leave the country, it’s really nice just having these quiet times together. I feel incredibly lucky to have him in my life, and to call him my boyfriend.[/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”kelley2″ caption=”Kelley” collapsing=”true”]This week, the insanity has continued. Monday evening I came home to discover that my front door refused to open, even after it was unlocked. The maintenance man couldn’t break my door open either, and ended up having to _break in through my window_ in order to get inside and open the door so he could fix it! At least I had some time to hang out in the cool breeze with Squeakers — and take a video of him! (I wish I could capture how truly gorgeous his green eyes are.)

10666156_352978181542311_1606175373_n 10735340_844539062246705_282787629_n

I did get lavished with some pretty amazing bookish treasures this week, though. My special edition of The Body Electric arrived, with all KINDS of beautiful swag! And I got a surprise package from an industry contact, which included TWO hardcovers of Dissonance, a paperback of Shadow & Bone, and some other fun stuff!

I ALSO got to fangirl something fierce in front of Scott Westerfeld Thursday night (OMFG), and then skipped off to Austin with my sister for the Texas Teen Book Festival (where I fangirled at Scott Westerfeld some more, as well as Garth Nix, Sarah Maas, and Cory Doctorow!). More about that later. :)[/stextbox]

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So, how was your week?

Have you ever converted anyone to the bookworm world like Asti has? Do you ever get unnecessarily excited when you find them doing bookish things like updating Goodreads or just sharing their thoughts on books? Isn’t it amazing?!

Asti Kelley

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  1. Aww! Asti! Dave’s goodreads review was so cute! If only I could convert…anyone. People around me seem to be very much content with just giving their reviews verbally. Straight into my earlobe. No biggie unless they’re negative ones, in which I sit and listen to a whole bunch of profanities being miraculously strung together to actually form a coherent sentence LOL If only I could get them to move onto GR….I friend of mine wanted to drag me to Dracula but I refused (being super snobby and judgey considering the fact that I hadn’t even glanced at the synopsis.) Now I’m full of regret! And curiosity. Hmmmm…

    Oooh! The door situation must have been frustrating! I hope it didn’t take too long, Kelley. On a slightly different note, I locked myself out about two weeks ago and had to embarrassingly call a friend and make them drive over with my spare set (5th or 6th time this year D;) and wow, they arrived with some very judgemental looks. I’ve made a pact to not forget AT LEAST until the end of this year. Fingers crossed! Those hardcover editions of Dissonance look so nice. The AUS/UK ones look hideous in comparison =_= But that’s generally (unfortunately) how it is… :/ AND The Body Electric!! I hope you enjoy that one. I thought it was brilliant!

    Have a good upcoming week, the both of you, and happy reading!! x (Because…it’s Blue Lily time :P)

    • LOL Jess, for some reason I sort of have this fear of locking myself out of my house or my car, so I always try to make sure someone else has a spare key! I triple check that I have my keys in my pocket before I close all my car doors. >_< I haven't seen the AUS/UK edition of Dissonance but now I'm going to go look at it .... Ohhhh... ewwwww.... no, I don't like that at all. :( Why would they change it -- the US one is sooo pretty!!! Glad to hear that you loved The Body Electric. I'm so eager to start reading it. :D

    • Haha, maybe I should write a post on how to convert others into reading? Obviously it wouldn’t be too serious, as my converting of one person doesn’t make me an expert, but it could be fun. Hm… *rubs hands together evilly*

      I’m not really sure why Dave started using Goodreads! I think he just saw me do it and decided that’s what readers do? I don’t know! But I do have another friend who has started using Goodreads regularly – and has actually started writing reviews – so maybe I just have secret magical powers? But yes, it saves me from a lot of ear ache ;)

      And yes! I hadn’t glanced at the synopsis or knew anything about the movie before I went, but I definitely enjoyed it! But maybe it was the fact that I had NO expectations that made me love it as much as I did. (And really, it didn’t hurt I thought the main actor was good looking :P)

  2. It sounds like both of you’ve had really great weeks :) I kind of fangirled over your week Asti! That’s so adorable that your boyfriend gets excited about books! I hope the rest of your time in the UK will be wonderful! I kind of grinned about your front door Kelley. But your bookhaul is super awesome! I really love the cover of The Body Electric :) It sounds like an interesting book. I’ve been pretty busy with my new job which I’ve been loving and I’m excited about the project that we’re working on. So hopefully it’ll be a success! I hope both of you have great weeks :)

    • I really like the cover for The Body Electric too — and did you know it was made by a fellow blogger?! :) I love it when I can be excited about the projects I’m doing for work; it always makes life so much more enjoyable. I’m glad you’re enjoying your new job! Have a great week, Savindi! <3

  3. @Asti, my boyfriend reads as well and it’s so much fun to talk about books and thing we do and don’t like. And dates are always special even if you go to your favourite restaurant! I hope you had a fun evening!

    @Kelley, that’s so scary your front door wouldn’t open! I really want to read Smoke and Bone, but still haven’t bought a copy.

    Thanks for the awesome list of links again, I will go visit some next!

    • Thanks Lola! I had a lovely evening with him! And we do enjoy talking about books together, but he’s been a bit frustrated because he wants to go into detail talking about the one he read but doesn’t want to spoil me because he wants me to read it, so he just sort of sits there and says “IT’S AWESOME” and nothing else. haha.

  4. Asti: Oh man, if Brandon Sanderson can get a non-bookish person to become a bookworm (or an audio-bookworm? Dave listens to audiobooks most of the time, right?), I really do have to read something by him ASAP. Especially since his fantasy books sound pretty darn epic. Getting a little excited just thinking about them. :P Anyways, all the best with your visa troubles! I really hope you’ll be able to extend it (or get a new visa, I have no idea how this works), but in the end, I’m still glad that the two of you are able to have such great times together. And I so know what you mean about blogging. My problem is that I only have the attention span to type at most three comments in one go, and then I have to do something else or I’ll end up clawing out my eyeballs. And don’t even get me started on writing reviews. (I basically spend most of the time staring at the blank post page.)

    Kelley: Yikes, did you ever find out why your door wouldn’t open? I’m more curious about that than anything, lol, especially since it’s the months of ghosties and beasties. O_O And awww, Squeakers is ADORABLE. And his eyes are beautiful! I don’t think I’ve seen any other cat with such green eyes! And ooh, the Texas Teen Book Festival — can’t wait to read your post on that. Sooo jealous you got to meet Sarah J. Maas, though. xD Also, awesome swag is awesome.

    So the both of you made my reading list a little longer with all these discussion posts, but ah well. I don’t suppose you’re going to apologize. ;) Great weekly round-up as usual! Have an amazing week, you two. <3

    • Yes, you definitely need to read something by Brandon Sanderson ASAP! :D

      My door wouldn’t open because the handle thingy was loose and it wouldn’t catch when I pressed the button from the outside (the inside has a normal knob that you turn, but the outside has one of those handles with a button you press down with your thumb). He tightened it up and it works dine now — whew!

      I love kitties with green eyes! If you could see Squeakers in person, you’d see that his are way prettier than in the video! His mom has the most GORGEOUS teal eyes I’ve ever seen. And my kitty has beautiful pale green eyes. <3

      As for the book festival... Oh man, it was... a disappointment. :( We basically spent the entire morning (9:00 - 1:00) standing in lines, sweating and getting sunburned in the heat, just to buy books and then get a few of them signed. We didn't get to see any panels, and since the lines were so long, we didn't even really get to talk to any of the authors. It was awful and we left early. :(

    • Haha, I know, right? I don’t even remember why he ended up reading a Sanderson book? I think it was just because it was a really long audiobook so he thought it was better value for his money (since he does the Audiobook credits)? I haven’t even read a Sanderson book yet! He definitely wants me to though. He keeps wanting to talk to me about how epic these books are (and even bought a physically copy of one that he listened to on audiobook to help convince me to read it) but doesn’t want to spoil me so is just waiting patiently for me to decide to give them a go. I think I just get put off by their size. But I’ll read them eventually!

      And I’m glad someone gets me with the attention span thing and commenting. I have SO MUCH to catch up on. You would think during this time between work placements / no job I would get a lot done but I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done. It probably doesn’t help that you and I write such long rambly comments. Whoops! XP

  5. Eeeeeh, so many posts to read. *clicks manically* Good for you, though, Asti, for converting your boyfriend to reading! YAY! I’ve once got a friend reading because I leant them a book. But I’m pretty sure they never read anything after said book (though they said they liked it! *shrugs*)

  6. Aww, I love that you’ve converted him Asti! My husband is not into reading, despite my attempts to lure him in. He won’t even try graphic novels (Saga of all). Oh well, his avoidance of books didn’t stop him from building me a custom bookshelf, and he doesn’t notice when it suddenly acquires new books!

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