Weekly Recap| Oct 19-25, 2014

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

News & Updates at Oh, the Books!

Important Housekeeping Announcement

You’ve probably noticed that things are looking slightly different around here this week. Well, we’ve been working on fixing the email issues (and the strange problem of some people being redirected to unsavory websites when trying to visit our blog), and things are finally under control. The culprit has been found and eradicated, but sadly, it was one of our favorite plugins: Special Text Boxes.

This means we are in the process of finding a suitable replacement and then adjusting all of the millions of places across our site in which we were employing that plugin. It’s been a long and intense process, and things are still in flux right now, but we’re working on getting it back to a state that feels like home. In the meantime, please bear with us!

NOTE: If you use the Special Text Boxes plugin, we highly recommend that you disable and uninstall it asap. Find a replacement. It has some serious security backdoor issues.

In Case You Missed It

Despite all the stupid problem troubleshooting going on this week, we still managed to have a very full post schedule.

Our Lives This Week

In Asti’s Life…

I’m going to be honest here, my week has been pretty much full of nothing. I haven’t really gone anywhere or done anything special. It’s just been job hunting, blogging, take pictures of my books, and reading. Pretty boring, right?

Instagram 26 Oct

But look at the pretty pictures!

Well, okay, there is ONE exciting piece of news. I have ordered a DSLR camera! I’ve been eyeing one for a while now, for a variety of reasons, and have finally decided to just take the plunge since Dave told me he’d pay for it as my Christmas present. (So what if Christmas isn’t for two more months?) It’s supposed to be here Monday, but I’ll be out on work placement (going back to Little, Brown to work with their marketing department for two weeks) so won’t be able to sign for it so have no idea when I’ll actually get to start playing with it. Still, super excited!

In Kelley’s Life…

Despite the evidence on my instagram…

Still Life with Cat and Vegetables I'm a magical unicorn!

…this week has been pretty much garbage. Every day brought some sort of stupid assault and/or problem that I needed to fix. I’m still fixing our blog (as noted at the top of this post), and this has been the worst week for additional mentally taxing activities. I started a new narcolepsy med this week, which should be awesome (I’ve taken it in the past), but so far it’s felt like I’m not even medicated AT ALL (which is ludicrous, since I’m taking it in addition to my normal stimulants). Every day I’ve just been walking around in a fog, barely awake.

The good news is that my cat is getting better and the outside kitties are happy too. And I got to see Neal Shusterman on Wednesday, which was pretty fantastic. AND I’ve got almost ALL of my Sci-Fi November posts already prepped! I can’t freaking wait until I get some time off during November and December.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere

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So, how was your week?

Asti Kelley

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  1. ASTI! READ THE DARKEST MINDS :P DO ITTTTTT! On another note, YAY DSLR! I hope you have fun twiddling with it. Name it. It becomes your baby. And then you’ll just want to cuddle it (or maybe I’m being overdramatic here…) Have fun at Little, Brown! I just know you’ll be your amazing self!

    Aww, Kelley, it sucks that this week was a dud for you. Hopefully you find a way around the narcolespy. Feeling foggy can just sap all the motivation out of you, right? Enjoy some time off for the holiday season! And I can’t wait for scifimonth posts!

    Hopefully you both have an amazing week! Have a break, read a book, eat some chocolate (or a whole bar. Whatever works) :P And as always, thank you for the link up! <33

    • Haha, I will Jess! I will! I might actually read it after All Our Yesterdays. The final book has recently come out (or will soon) so I feel like now would be a good time to start getting into that series. Plus, I find it hard to resist a title like “The Darkest Minds”. But we’ll see. I sort of need to make progress on my series challenge so it would be better for me to catch up on some series like The Lunar Chronicles first… >.< I did mention I got a camera, not a new baby, right? :P You're just slightly overdramatic! But that's okay. I'm sure I'll be madly in love with it once I get it - if I can figure out how to use it. I'm sort of bummed I have this work placement because that means I'll have to wait to really play with it. Ah well. That's life. >.< Hopefully I can at least get some free books out of my placement with Little, Brown! ;) Hope you have an amazing week to Jess! Thanks for stopping by <3

  2. Can I ask how you determined which plugin was the culprit? I am having some small issues with my site using a lot of resources and I can’t figure out how to determine if one of my plugins is causing it. So I thought your solution might work me as well.

    @Asti, I have no idea what a DSLR camera is, but it sounds exciting. I have a really old and bad camera, although I don’t use it that much either. Good luck with the job hunting!

    @Kelley, fixing blog issues can be so frustrating and it takes so much time :(. And that sounds annoying that your meds aren’t working yet, can it be that they take soem time to kick in? During my psychology study I learned some medicine can take some time to kick in, so I was thinking maybe this medicine works like that as well? I got most of my posts for sci-fi november scheduled as well. I am so excited!

    Good luck with fixing the blog issues!

    • Lola, it was actually our web host who did all of the troubleshooting to determine which plugin was the culprit, and he did a lot of fixing. But I think he found out that it was the Special Textboxes plugin because he saw that support thread that I linked up there, in which multiple other people were discussing the issue. He also installed a new plugin to help tamp down malware and stuff, which seems to have helped a lot. It’s called Anti-Malware and Brute-Force Security by ELI. But other than that, I think he was going through and sort of methodically disabling plugins to see which ones made a difference. Such a pain!!

      As for my meds, yeah, I suppose it’s just taking a while to kick in, which is fine. I just didn’t expect it to make me feel as if I was taking a step BACKWARD before things got better! >_<

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