Weekly Recap| Sep 21-27, 2014

Weekly Recap
Weekly Recap

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Our Lives This Week

[stextbox id=”asti2″ caption=”Asti” collapsing=”true”]Well, this week has been… interesting? I feel like I don’t know what I feel. (And yes, I know that makes no sense.) I’m happy my dissertation is handed in, but I’m also incredibly anxious. I now have four months to try and convince a publishing company to sponsor me for a work visa. It’s not an impossible task, but a very difficult one and I can’t help but feel slightly helpless already. Fail! I do have a work placement scheduled for this upcoming week back with the Orion Publicity department though, so that’s good.

Apart from that, the only fun thing to report is that while you’re reading this I will be with Dave’s family on a mini-weekend holiday! We’re heading down to the coast to a little place called Swanage, which is supposed to be quite beautiful. Dave and his dad are going to do some fishing, and I might try my hand at crabbing again (which I really enjoyed when Dave and I were at Westgate-on-Sea). We’re also going to swing by Corfe Castle which should be good fun. I love me some castles! So yes, hopefully I can forget about all my anxieties and allow myself to have a good time this weekend![/stextbox]

[stextbox id=”kelley2″ caption=”Kelley” collapsing=”true”]Welp, it was my birthday on Wednesday and that pretty much eclipsed everything else in my life this week. As soon as I walked into my office, I was greeted by a beautiful spread of homemade sugar cookies and vanilla bean cupcakes (my two favorite treats). My co-workers are seriously so freaking good to me. Then at lunchtime Asti surprised me with that heartfelt birthday post, and I was pretty much glowing for the rest of the WEEK! <3

Asti also sent me a surprise birthday gift, which was an AMAZING spellbook keepsake box I’ve been wishing for! My husband and I visited our ducky friends, and we also found a new park that was just swarming with Muscovy ducks!! We had so much fun visiting them, even though we weren’t allowed to feed them.

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And in the Cat Saga this week: Sarsparilla — or Lil Squeaks, as I’ve started calling him — has remained vigilant in his quest for snacks. He’s brought two friends along, one of which is rather skittish and hard to get the food bowl to before that darn piglet (Squeaks) hogs it. We call this one Sourpuss. Then there’s the pregnant kitty who’s been coming around too, and my husband has been making sure she gets food. I expect we’ll be seeing kittens around soon enough. O_O[/stextbox]

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Asti Kelley

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  1. High five, Kelley, I’m also Lord Voldemort. Didn’t see that coming, to be honest, but hey I’ll revel in it!

    I love these weekly recaps. I feel all special when I notice my name is being mentioned, and it’s also a gateway to this week’s most entertaining/interesting/add-your-own-adjective-here blogs. Great way to spend some time on a Sunday!

  2. Woo! Have fun at your placement at Orion, Asti. It sounds like an invaluable experience! And I hope your mini getaway was a good one. I’ve only ever dug for some pipis but crab hunting sounds like fun!

    Seems like you had a great birthday, Kelley! I mean, cupcakes are just a fabulous treat, aren’t they? I love hiking (lol who do I kid–they’re really just strolls, determined walks at most) through national parks and coming across ducks are the absolute best things!

    I hope you girls have yet another great upcoming week! Thank you for the linkup <33

    • Thanks Jess! It’ll actually be my third time out with Orion’s Publicity department. Definitely good to have the experience, especially as I’ll be looking for a publishing job now! :)

      Didn’t get around to doing any crabbing this weekend. Dave and his parents did some fishing, but I didn’t get involved because I just don’t like the thought of putting a worm on a hook or hooking a fish. I just sat with my book, which was fine by me. :)

      I hope you have an amazing week too Jess <3 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oohh apparently I’m an apostrophe. “Power, enthusiasm, and influence.” Interesting! And I’m Draco as well :D

    I really hope you get that visa Asti! But in the meantime have oodles of fun with Dave :) And happy birthday again Kelley!

  4. I always like all the links you include in these posts and I usually find a new blogger to follow or some new interesting posts to read. Belated happy birthday to Kelley! It sounds like you had a wonderfull day!
    I hope you enjoy your vacation Asti! I love seeing and visiting castles as well.

    • I would be shocked if someone didn’t find a new blog to follow through this. I follow a TON of blogs that I sort through when doing these weekly recaps, and am constantly adding more, so would be shocked to find out someone’s following them all too! The blogosphere is always growing and changing. It’s hard to keep up with, but a lot of fun!

      And thanks Lola! Corfe Castle was pretty awesome with some beautiful views. The only sucky thing about it was that it’s pretty much destroyed! haha. It was torn apart during a civil war. But I had a good time trying to imagine what it was like when it was full :P

  5. I’m glad you’re both doing well :) I have been suuuper busy :/ All month. I have only read… 2 books! One of them our book club book, so that’s at least done :P I joined Kristilyn in being an independent consultant for Steeped Tea, so have been busy with that and all my co-op stuff is crazy this month :/

    Happy Birthday again Kelley!

    I hope you find a job soon Asti :) You’ll just have to prove to them how awesome yu are and how they can’t live without you ;)

      • Haha, finally settling. I have had two parTEAs (yes, we are lame enough for that) and both were successful. I have a couple days and then I’m doing an online party for a week :) I’m trying to earn rewards for having a great Success start, since the company gives you a bunch of great gifts when you hit certain milestones. The co-op stuff (bulk buys that I co-run with someone else) is slowing down too. We made the mistake of finding a company in the US to buy cheap bedding from and it was way more popular than expected.. Way more.. over 100 orders in 3 days and we are just getting out of that mess after a week. That added to the kids being crappy sleepers and me being in a sleepy haze all day.. lol Things are busy. I haven’t even been posting booktube videos.. I need to get back to it. And back to reading, I really need that.

    • Wow, only two books? That’s shocking for you. I’m actually surprised because I think I’m going to have read like four books this month! It’s like we’re switching identities Jenn! What is this madness?! XP

      But hey, at least you read the book club pick! I have too. Now I just need to remember to be online for the book club meeting. SEND ME 800 MESSAGES ON SUNDAY SO I DON’T FORGET!!!! >.< Thanks Jenn! I'll do my best to prove to them that I'm worth it. We'll see what happens though!

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