When Bookish Sisters Make Bookish DARES

When Bookish Sisters Make Bookish DARES

When Bookish Sisters Make Bookish DARES

Did you know I have a sister named Magan Bagan who runs a book blog too? Did you know that she’s the reason I am now obsessed with YA and also the reason that I started a book blog in the first place?! Did you know that a couple of years ago my husband and I made Magan Bagan a t-shirt for her birthday that said BEST SISTER on it, and gave her an Easter egg hunt because Luscious Lucius Likes Lollipops.her birthday was on Easter Sunday? Okay, you probably didn’t know that part (sorry, Megs, it was too hilarious not to share), but the point is: I have a sister and she’s pretty great.

One cool thing about our sisterly relationship is that we can have fun together enjoying some of the same things. We go to any and all YA author events we can reasonably get to. We have Supernatural marathons, YA book-to-film movie days with her BFF from college, and we can squee about certain video games together. We make awesome nerdy t-shirts and bake cookies and talk through story ideas as she’s writing her novels.

But as I’m sure you’re expecting: we don’t always… AGREE.

As a general observation, I am much more silly and therefore amused by ridiculous things; Megan is more serious and therefore NOT amused by many of my brilliant ideas. But more to the point: our tastes differ. We both read YA, but we don’t read all the same books, nor do all of the same books catch our interest.

One day I had a brilliant idea that she actually DID agree to, and it was this: we would recommend one book to each other. A book that the other person wouldn’t normally choose to read, but that we think this person would enjoy if they would just give it a chance. A book, perhaps, a bit outside her normal comfort zone.

Well, the books have been exchanged.

And on top of that, somehow a movie challenge has worked its way into the deal, so we’ve exchanged movies too.

I’m pretty sure she’s getting the better deal.

My Challenge for Magan Bagan

Red Rising Pierce Brown For the book, I challenged Megan to read Red Rising by Pierce Brown. This may seem like an odd choice, considering how mixed my feelings were about this book, but after reading Golden Son, I’ve decided it’s a series I’m somewhat dedicated to now. I chose it for Megan because it’s dark and harsh, but it’s so worth reading, and I know she’ll be glad she pushed herself to read it (this is the girl who set Catching Fire aside — for like 4 years — before she even got to the intense bits!). So I figured this one is a book she would DNF unless coerced. ;D

KumareThe movie I chose for Megan is called Kumare. It’s a documentary that my husband randomly came across on Netflix one night, and it turned out to be really thought provoking and fascinating. We liked it a lot and recommend it to many people. But it’s not the sort of thing that Megan would choose to watch for herself, so… I have chosen it for her! Muahaha! (But seriously, it’s good. You should watch it too!)

Magan Bagan’s Challenge for Me

Die for Me by Amy PlumFor the book, Megan challenged me to read Die for Me by Amy Plum. In fact, she handed over the well-loved ARC so that I had zero excuses for not getting started right away. This is a book that she’s raved about to me over the years, but I’ve continued to resist because I’m just not big on paranormal romance. She likes this book because when she first read it, the types of characters in this book were a new experience for her and she feels it was really well done. We shall see, Magan Bagan. We shall see…

fifty_shades_of_grey_poster_2The movie she chose for me is, um, one I’m really not very excited about. Especially since it comes out the weekend that my husband will be flying out of the country for several months and it just so happens to be Valentine’s Day and so I’ll be all alone — well, not ALL alone, because Magan Bagan will be right there beside me — sitting in a theater watching um, Fifty Shades of Grey. … *gulp*

So, when’s the deadline?

We hadn’t really set anything firm, but we’re planning to have these books read and movies watched by June. And then, who knows? Maybe we’ll do it again and see how it goes. Or maybe we’ll decide to stick to our own tastes and sit comfortably in the knowledge that we know what we like.

Have you ever challenged yourself or a friend like this? What do you think about our dares? Who do YOU think is getting the better end of the deal? Tell me your thoughts!


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  1. Yep, that was the movie I thought it was going to be. Is there a rule that says you can’t shut your eyes and ears during the movie? Ha ha. I’m thinking there is definitely no way your recommended documentary is worse than 50 Shades of Gray. Best of luck to you, Kelley!

    (And to answer the question no, I don’t take dares, because things like this might happen to me!)

  2. Brilliant idea! Maybe I should bug MY sister to do a bookish dare. Normally I just throw books at her and go, “Read them within the next year.” and they sit in her shelf gathering dust while she buys new books.

    I really love your dares, but if someone dared me to watch Fifty Shades of Grey I honest to God would have quit that very moment lmfao. They would have to pay me… well, at least £50, and also buy my cinema ticket and any snacks I wish to consume during the movie. And then treat me to a therapy meal at a nearby restaurant afterwards, any pay for any counselling sessions I may need. And that would be a non-negotiable offer! Hahahahahaha

    SO! Red Rising! Its weird, I wouldn’t say my feelings were ‘mixed’… at the start, I disliked it enough to almost put it down, but glad I didn’t because by the end it was incredible. But you’re right – it only changed in tone because it became a completely different book. Great post!

    • ROTFL! You are hilarious!!!! But, hey, I braved the film, and it wasn’t too bad. And afterward I had lunch with a friend and we got a free drink out of it, so that’s something!

      Red Rising, I know, it’s really difficult, isn’t it? Sounds like both of us are glad that we powered through to the end of that book, though! Have you read Golden Son yet?

  3. This is such a fun idea! I haven’t been challenged or dared like this, but I have taken on some tough recommendations before. My best friend constantly told me that I should read Fifty Shades of Grey and she would lend me her copies as soon as she got them back from her mum’s friend, but I never got round to it (thankfully). I may have to challenge my friends to read something they’re not used to.

  4. Oh what a fun idea! I had to laugh when I noticed you had to watch Fifty Shades, actually I read the book and it wasn’t that bad, although I am not sure whether I want to watch the movie.
    I also have a sister and we change in readign tastes as well, although recently we have found some overlap. My sister read her first contemporary book recently and we both like david estes his dystopia books. Maybe I should consider doing this challenge as well, okay maybe not as I can’t imagine what i would be forced to read then.

  5. Aaah, I love this idea! I didn’t know about your sister, but she seems awesome — I mean, she also blogs! Here’s to hoping you survive your challenge! I’m not much for paranormal fiction either, but I would be willing to see 50 Shades (and someone daring me would even give me the excuse to go see it!).

    I should really try this with my sisters too (I’m a triplet)! Both of my sisters mostly read at least some of the same stuff as me, though one likes contemporaries/historical fiction a little more and won’t really read sic-fi (gasp!), and my other sister has very similar tastes to me but loves fantasy a lot more than me. If we did this though, I would so take a tip from you and get them to read the stuff I know they normally wouldn’t!

    • My sister is pretty awesome, I have to say. She’s the whole reason I got into YA and book blogging to begin with! I have to say, the 50 Shades movie wasn’t as awful as I thought it might be, so there’s that. :)

      OMG TRIPLETS! That’s so cool. I would love to see a challenge like this among the three of you. And yeah, the best part of the challenge is to get them to expand their horizons. There are some books I KNOW my sister would love — if only she’d give them a chance! :)

  6. This sounds like it’s going to be a fun/interesting experience for you both! Good luck on completing your dares – I can’t wait to find out the end result for both of you. (I totally relate to having a sister with different reading tastes; my sister prefers romance + new adult to make up majority of her reads!)

  7. This sounds like so much fun! My sister loves to read too and she share some similar tastes, but she lives in Puerto Rico, while I”m in the States.

    I read both books and I loved them both for different reasons. I hope you like the Revenant series. I”m not sure about the movie, since I didn’t read the books and don’t plan to either! Regardless, try to have fun :)

  8. Oh man, this sounds like so much fun! I wonder if one of you will be surprised by what you have received and end up liking it a lot more than expected! Cant wait to see what the results will look like.

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