Which YA Fantasy Heroine Archetype Are You?

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Which YA Fantasy Heroine Archetype Are You?

Well, we all know how much I like making quizzes and puzzles and stuff, so when the idea for this one came into my head, I couldn’t let it go. Keep in mind, it is based on my own personal experience with YA fantasy novels, so not EVERYTHING is included. In addition, well, as with most well-developed characters, not ALL of the examples fit each archetype exactly. But. I did the best I could, and hopefully you will enjoy the quiz and be pleased with your results!

I tested this quiz out on my husband (as I always do, naturally), and he actually seemed intrigued by the archetypes I’ve included here. In fact, he said he hadn’t really heard of most of them, or hadn’t read about them in any books (point for YA fantasy!)! And just as a teaser: he and I both took the quiz and got The Mystery Girl!

Update: Want to see all possible results? You can see them on this page!

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