Which YA Fantasy Heroine Archetype Are You?

Which YA Fantasy Heroine Archetype Are You?

Which YA Fantasy Heroine Archetype Are You?

Well, we all know how much I like making quizzes and puzzles and stuff, so when the idea for this one came into my head, I couldn’t let it go. Keep in mind, it is based on my own personal experience with YA fantasy novels, so not EVERYTHING is included. In addition, well, as with most well-developed characters, not ALL of the examples fit each archetype exactly. But. I did the best I could, and hopefully you will enjoy the quiz and be pleased with your results!

I tested this quiz out on my husband (as I always do, naturally), and he actually seemed intrigued by the archetypes I’ve included here. In fact, he said he hadn’t really heard of most of them, or hadn’t read about them in any books (point for YA fantasy!)! And just as a teaser: he and I both took the quiz and got The Mystery Girl!

Update: Want to see all possible results? You can see them on this page!

So, which YA Fantasy heroine archetype are YOU?

  1. You're being attacked. Quick -- pick a weapon!

  2. First impressions are important. What do people think when they first see you?

  3. What does your wardrobe mostly consist of?

  4. The leading man has fallen in love with you. What does he like best about you?

  5. What's your spirit animal?

  6. How do you feel about magic?

  7. Everyone's suddenly picking on you. How do you respond?

  8. FOOD!

  9. Whose advice do you trust most?

  10. How do you spend your free time?

All adorable anime girl images used in this quiz were rendered by mikiichuu.

What were your results? Did you find them accurate? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. WOW this is so me…

    The Girl Just Trying to Figure Shit Out

    You’re The Girl Just Trying to Figure Shit Out. You know there’s more than meets the eye about your family and your situation, but nobody wants to frickin tell you anything! Your resourcefulness and tenacity help you discover the truth when nobody else is willing to help. Girls Just Trying to Figure Shit Out that you might recognize: Seraphina from Seraphina, Clary from The Mortal Instruments, Eleanor from Something Strange and Deadly, Alyssa from Splintered, and Scarlet from The Lunar Chronicles.

    Seraphina is by BFF btw.

  2. Hell yes, this quiz is amazing! Actually pretty impressed I got the Assassin, I thought I’d get some really anti-social being, but I guess I could see myself being bad-ass, yes, yes I could. What a fantastic idea Kelley, you relaly should do more of these, like love interests, book boyfriends, worlds you’d survive in, perfect fictional parents, that sort of thing, it’d be great! :D

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  6. Yesss I got The Assassin! >:D I always knew if I got throwin into a YA fantasy book I would be a badass. I’m just gonna go over here and flex for a minute…

    Ok I’m back.

    Now I really need to get to reading Throne of Glass, Grave Mercy, Dark Triumph, and Poison. Geez. I knew I needed to read them, and even why, but now I have to bump them up my list so I can start theorizing on my future assassin skills.

    I could totally be sneaky, too. Apparently I scare the crap out of everyone I work with all the time by sneaking up on them, or when I see them in a store or something, because no on ever hears me. And that’s when I’m not even trying to be quiet! (I’ve also had neighbors tell me they thought my apartment was vacant, I’m such a quiet person lololol.)

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