Why Books and Cats are the Perfect Companions

Why Books and Cats are the Perfect Companions

Why Books and Cats are the Perfect Companions

As you all know, I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately, and my ever-helpful co-blogger has been nothing but encouraging. In fact, she even made a pretty great suggestion for a blog post!


I had to take a screenshot or no one would believe that this post was all HER idea!

So, thanks to Asti’s gentle suggestion, I’ve come up with a list of ten things every book-loving cat owner understands. If you don’t have cats, maybe you’re curious about how a cat would fare in your book-filled home. This list is also for you!

1. Cats can be great reading companions.

Genovieve averting her eyes from the page as I read Genovieve may just be judging me for whatever it is I'm reading.

In exhibits A and B (above), you can see great examples of my cat Genovieve being a great reading companion. Whenever I set on the couch to read, it’s like a signal to her that it’s snuggle time, so she oozes her way onto my lap. Awww. ^_^

2. Cats can also be not-so-great reading companions.

Well, I WAS reading that... Sigh...

My cat has decided that when I sit on the couch and open a book on my lap, it is an invitation for her to come over and snuggle. Now, I love kitty snuggles, but not when they get in the way of the words! (The night after I finished writing this post, THIS HAPPENED, which I’m sure Asti will find quite amusing…)

3. Cats get excited when you bring home new books.

She loves to sit on garbage! She just HAD to know what would happen with Karou and Akiva!

My little Squishbean loves new things to investigate, such as books that I’m clearly setting up for a photo shoot, or leftover packaging from books I got in the mail that day. She would be *so bored* if I wasn’t getting new books all the time!

4. Cats get excited when new books arrive in the mail.

Thanks, Amazon! Genovieve performs 'the shrimp roll' in a box

The best kind of mail is book mail, because books usually come in boxes! (In fact, I get so much book mail that at one point she was actually on cardboard box overload. Imagine that!)

5. Cats love to see stacks of books around the house.

Genovieve perched atop a pile of books What cat can resist stacks of books? NOT MINE.

What more could a bookworm as for in a pet? As a person who will always have books stacked up in vairous locations throughout the house, it’s good to know that my cat approves.

6. When you read books aloud, cats settle in for the story.

All comfy and ready for a story Let's read this one tonight!

My husband and I love to read books aloud to one another, and our cat usually wants to be in the middle of the action. Sometimes she tucks in and listens attentively. Sometimes she’s more demanding about which book she wants us to read.

7. When you read books aloud, sometimes they get really into it.

Like she needs advice from Sun Tzu! WHOA!

And sometimes they just get dramatic about it…

8. If you are reading aloud a book about food, cats will suddenly remember that their bowls are not completely full and feel the need to remind you of this with urgency.

FEED ME, HUMAN, OR I SHALL SHOOT YOU WITH MY LASER EYEBALLS. The offending food bowls -- YES, she has TWO.

I mean. Just because you push the food to the edges of the bowl does not mean that it’s empty.

9. Cats like to bring books to bed with them, too.

Genovieve settling in for bed Genovieve loves her some Drizzt adventures

My cat is a connoisseur of Sitting on Things. She loves to sit on pants. She loves to sit on paper. She loves to sit on plastic bags and the TV remote and anything looks really uncomfortable to sit on. She also loves to sit and snuggle with a good book.

10. Books about cats invoke a special kind of joy.

I Am Pusheen the Cat by Claire Belton A Cat Called Dog by Jem Vanston I Can Read It All By Myself Beginner Books, Dr Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

I think this one kind of speaks for itself. When you love anything — in this case, cats — you tend to gravitate toward, and appreciate, media that celebrates that thing. Books + cats = win.


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  1. I get a lot more of #2 than #1, unfortunately.

    If you haven’t seen the “Dear Kitten” videos, you should look them up. One in particular mentions how we humans spend hours staring at inanimate objects, and it’s their job to get in the way and remind us that life is for living.

  2. :) I can’t have a cat because one of my dogs is pretty reactive towards them. However, you really make me want one! My dogs will either lay as close as possible with their heads on my lap while I read, or sit over me and paw me until I put the book down. Lovely, really.

  3. Oh, yes! I love this post! Cats and books are the BEST companions and I love nothing more than curling up with a good book and my kitty for the afternoon.

    (One of my cats loves the pull tab piece on mailing envelopes, she thinks it’s the best toy ever!)

  4. Ahhh so cute! Our old cat used to warm my feet every time I sat down on the couch to read, it was perfect. Our new lads aren’t always that snuggly, but they LOVE the boxes. It’s like Christmas – me getting books, them getting a box

    • I LOVE when my cat warms my feet like that! Usually she’d rather be on my lap, though, but the free foot warmer is always appreciated, lol. (Strangely, I think my cat is burnt out on cardboard boxes. The last couple times I’ve brought some home, she hasn’t even looked at them!)

  5. I LOVE this post!!!!! #catownerproblems I can rarely read physical books cause of #2. It’s much easier to handle kitties and books with my Kindle! But also I think you typo’d book for food in #8! Heh. I definitely want to make a post like this this year. Will def link back if I do ;D

  6. This is the first blog post I read about Books and Cats and it’s great! I miss having my cat around when he sit on my laptop to get my attention and stop me from working. I miss the time to snuggle him and touch his round belly (and got bite!).

    Oh, and another one, books and cats are great models for photo shooting, don’t you think so too? :)

  7. Aww all those cat pictures are too cute. I have two pet rats who love to sit with me when I read, but they can also be annoying, they find my e-reader very interesting or they won’t sit still and annoy me by running around. I love that picture of your cat in that box.

  8. Your cat is awesome. My Melody likes to be in my lap as soon as my butt hits a seat. She likes to sleep on and in books as well. After snuggling and bunting the laptop for a bit, she realized that it will not pet her and now resides on the window ledge. (I think she knew I was typing about her because she just hopped onto the bed and cuddled with some pillows)

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